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Reader Nicole Tells About Meeting Her Drew

I got the following email yesterday from a reader named Nicole who wrote about her own Internet dating adventure. We all love good love stories, and here’s Nicole and Drew’s:

Back in 2003 I had posted a profile on Yahoo! Personals. There is where I ultimately met MY Drew..

We exchanged emails for weeks because of personal things I had going on. I had also been very used to the newest ‘dates techniques’ and was going to take things slowly this time.

We met in October of 2003 and we have been dating ever since. I still have all the initial email conversations we had and presented them to him on our 3 month anniversary. Things progressed between us rather quickly, as did falling in love.

Having the actual conversations had allowed him to pinpoint exactly what I said that had intrigued him so much. We are moving in together soon and do plan on spending our future together soon!

Nicole and her Drew have a record of their early courtship, thanks to their emails back and forth. I’ve written about printing and saving your emails before: “Internet Daters: Save those emails!” and “Reddi Whip and Strawberries” Not only will those saved emails be a precious memento if indeed the relationship works out, but also, keeping track of what a possible mate writes will help you determine whether he/she is being consistent and truthful. Yes, it’s a lot of ink and paper, but worth it. Develop the discipline (like Nicole did) and print every exchange.



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