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VA Legislators “See the Light” on True.com’s Efforts

Two articles came down the wire today about efforts I have been writing about (2/28, 3/1) by True.com to legislate background checks of singles by Internet dating sites. FINALLY I am seeing some clearly written analysis of the issues involved. The Washington Post one was dated 1/31/05, and the other on was published today.

Here’s a quote from the TechWeb article:

“We believe this legislation would save lives and prevent rapes, robberies and assaults,” Herb Vest, chief executive for True.com, said Thursday. “I believe this raises the bar on the industry and it would bring many more single people, currently not using online-dating services, into our industry, once it’s perceived as safe.”

To the rest of the industry, however, True.com is seen as trying to legislate its business model. The site is one of very few, if any, that checks members for criminal records and marital status.

“It’s special-interest legislation whereby you are taking a market differentiator of a particular company, and, through legislation, enforcing it on the rest of us,” said Kristin Kelly, senior director of public relations for Match.com, which is among the largest and oldest online dating services.

Yahooee! Finally, somebody said it!

Take a look at both articles for extended discussions about why background checks are not the answer.



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