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My loyal correspondent “The Geezer” sent the following report from the dating front lines:

Hi Kathryn—

Hope your new digs are fitting you well.

I signed up for a 5 day freebie, knowing that wimmin’ attracted to True.com would not be sufficiently risk takers for me, and would be overly cautious.

So, I went to cancel and got an offer for a month free.  You can’t cancel on line, you have to talk to Mr. high pressure.

So, I told him no is no, and behold, the next day I start getting “thanks for winking at me” emails.

From wimmin’ with NO picture.

First, I do not wink. It is cheap, tawdry, and suggests those looking for low hanging fruit, which may be ok if ya just wanna gits laid, but not my style.

Second, I do not have ANY communication with wimmin’ who don’t show the goods, by posting a pix.  Any woman who knows so little of men as to not know they are VISUAL does not warrant my time.  There is someone for anyone, so it ain’t about being ugly.

So, where does this faux activity come from????

I smell a rat.


BTW, The Geezer is not as ancient as the name implies, nor is he really as cranky.  Thanks, Geez.  He’s actually kind of cute.  Take a look.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



It gets worse.  I have about six more now.  All folks I wouldn’t wink at, even if I did wink.

No pix, geographically dispersed.

One I got this morning, frankly, was obviously commercially written, and an actual, (well, they wanted it to appear to be) email instead of a thanks for winking. 

All from profiles that have very sketchy, and minimal information in them.  And NEVER a picture, which the odds would suggest would happen occasionally.
This one was all two sentence paragraphs, no spelling or grammatical errors, no girly crap, about sunsets and walks on the beach, fine wine, etc. etc., more likely written by a guy as detected by my excellent BS filter.
These folks spam you to try and make you think you are a hot commodity.
Of course, there is little evidence that can be provable, short of a subpoena, showing who placed the ad, credit card numbers, etc. etc.
It is a big scam come-on, as guys NEVER generate this volume of responses.  If our Attorney General (who is known to me, BTW) didn’t have too much to do, I would turn these guys in.  It would require some investigation, but would be a great expose.
The Geezer


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