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Yesnoyesnoyesno - No wonder she—and he—are confused

It’s so important to get clear when you are thinking about dating, clear about what you are looking for, clear about whether you really want to do the search at all.  Here’s a note from a single who REALLY needs to do some clarifying:

Hi Kathryn— Well, of course I wish I had someone to celebrate Valentines Day, but I’m not trying to meet guys too much, but also, when I meet them, I’m excited to get to know them and hope we both like each other, but am afraid of dissapointment.  So far I’ve been disappointed for different reasons, or that they’re not acting like I wish they would, or saying the right things to make me fall in love with them.  I’m not picky, but I am looking for something and I guess when a man comes along that makes me feel that comfort and security and excitement, then I will just know, but so far, haven’t came across that, someone that goes out of their way to want to please me, impress me, love me, etc. etc.  I guess I wish I knew the secret of what it takes to have a guy connect with you and actually fall in love with you.

That’s all for now they’re not really questions, just how I feel..  Hopefully you can give me some insight or advice on different things.  Thank you, Kathryn

Phyllis, your note is all over the place.  What I read is yesnoyesnoyesno.  You sound very confused and probably are giving out very confusing messages to men, who in turn are confused by you and back off.  I do not think you are at all ready to successfully date.  Coaching would be very helpful for you at this time, to help you get clear and a sense of direction.  At the very least, you should buy my book “Find a Sweetheart Soon!” which is all about the “getting ready” process.  Then read it all from cover to cover. Twice.  Do all the exercises, then email me and set up time for a consultation and we will see where you are. Kathryn




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